Manufacturer Listing

Waste Equipment of Puerto Rico, Inc.

Don Fucile
P.O. Box 9066530

San Juan, Puerto Rico 00906-6530

Tel: 787-276-7530
Fax: 787-276-8250
Company Profile
Our president, Don Fucile, has more than 24 years of experience in the waste industry in Puerto Rico. He knows that the severe "Waste" and "Tropical" weather conditions existing, making "QUALITY, DURABILITY and PERFORMANCE"...INDESPENSABLE! We make our containers "EXTRA THICK" with 1/8" sides and 3/16" BOTTOM!

Service, important anywhere, is "vital" here on our island, thousands of miles from the mainland supply sources.

Our ready container inventories, guarantees our customers needs, and this mission includes our exclusive ICMA 2 YARD container.

After years of responding to our industry needs, we stock and supply open tops, compactors, sludge containers, plastic lids, liners, tarps, truck and trailer parts and more.

On this "Island of Enchantment" we work hard every day to earn our right to the business...for our customers, and for our valued suppliers!