Manufacturer Listing

Gregory Design & Manufacturing Company Inc,
Bill Coppage / Mike Walker / Craig Kelly
P.O. Box 325
2512 Henry Ladyn Drive
Fort Madison, IA 52627

Tel: 319-463-7700
Fax: 319-463-7643

Company Profile
Gregory Design & Manufacturing has developed business solutions with a focus on precision and quality for industry leaders since 1989. Superior engineering and common sense design ideas enable Gregory's to create cost effective ways for organizations to meet their material handling needs.

Over the last twelve years Gregory Manufacturing has grown into one of the Midwest's largest manufacturers of waste containers. This success is a result of a continuous focus on product design, customers needs, and improved manufacturing techniques. Aggressive gains in efficiency have been experienced over the past twelve years through the use of rapid continuous improvement teams focusing on waste elimination, kan-ban systems, fool-proofing, standard work procedures, and various other improvement methods. This success has allowed us to become the primary vendor for the region's major waste companies such as Waste Management, BFI, and Allied Waste. Our ability to produce high quality, consistent containers in quantities necessary to meet peek demands keep us on top.

While Gregory Manufacturing dominates the regional container business, it accounts for only twenty percent of our production. Eighty percent of our sales volume relates to custom designed, mass produced, material handling racks. As mentioned above, this segment of our company began predominately in the flat glass rack business. In the early 90's Gregory Manufacturing established itself as a competent, reliable producer of flat glass racks for AFG, Cardinal, Guardian, LOF, PPG and many other affiliates. Order sizes for custom designed racks ranged from a few to several thousand. We became very good at "right sizing" our manufacturing resources to match the job size. Our reputation grew throughout the glass industry and automotive glass divisions sought us out. As a result of our success, we are now recognized by the glass industry as experts in the design and production of both flat and automotive glass racks. This expertise has also allowed us to expand into many related product lines. During the last five to seven years Gregory Manufacturing has produced thousands of racks of various complexities to facilitate production for companies such as BMW, Dayton Tech., Ford, General Electric, General Motors, Honda, Midas Corp., Toyota, and many others. These quality companies demand quality products and on time deliveries. Gregory Manufacturing has built a reputation of delivering.